Countdown to the Girls Group Annual Fundraiser

Girls Group is a nonprofit, based in Washtenaw County, MI that works to empower young women to achieve social and economic independence by helping ensure they graduate high school and attend college.

We’ve worked with Girls Group for more than a decade, and so it’s never a surprise when each year, around August, we are asked to help post web content to promote their annual fundraiser. Tickets are sold, people get together, share a meal, and raise money to support Girls Group’s amazing programs and mission.

But in 2020, a year filled with masks and social distancing, a bunch of people sharing food and air was not going to happen. The annual fundraiser needed to be moved online. The folks at Girls Group contacted us because they needed a countdown to the event. A quick online search showed many embeddable options, but many simply didn't work, and none of the others seemed quite right. We needed a solution that gave us complete control over the finished product, that allowed us to match the Girls Group brand while avoiding any risks that might come from embedding someone else’s code. Fortunately, we are software developers and can build solutions from scratch!

We designed a countdown that matched Girls Group’s brand exactly and after a few lines of custom JavaScript, it was live. A simple, quick solution, but the folks at Girls Group loved it!

Girls Group Countdown
A screenshot of the Girls Group “From Our Hearts to Your Home” fundraiser, a little more than a month before the event.
Tools and Technologies
  • JavaScript
  • Drupal
  • CSS

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